The Future of Podcasting with Dave Jones of Podcasting 2.0 and The Podcast Index

The panel discusses Dave Jones’s work with the podcast index, a searchable database of podcast episodes. They also discuss his experience as a podcaster, and how he got involved in the industry.

Adam Curry and Dave Winer met 12 years ago while working on a project called the AECT for poets. They later spun out of that project to create the Freedom controller, which became the basis for Adam’s no agenda show. The podcast index is the first product that they launched together. It is a way to collect and read RSS feeds.

The podcast index is a free API for app developers to use to write podcast apps. The podcasting 2.0 side of things is just our effort to push podcasting forward, feature wise, to build crazy new stuff that will eventually end up in every player and hosting company, as new features that are not bound behind some huge company like Spotify or Apple.

Apple and Spotify will both adopt podcasting 2.0 features for different reasons. Apple will do so because it is ultimately good for their customers, while Spotify will see the benefits of adopting these features without having to incur the costs.


10:20 Podcasting 2.0: A Decentralized and Open Approach to Podcasting
12:32 Podcasting 2.0: The Future of Podcasting
15:50 The Benefits of Podcasting 2.0
17:51 The Benefits of Using a Spice Rack
19:06 The Benefits and Struggles of Adopting Podcast 2.0
21:03 The Future of Podcasting: A Conversation with Dave Jones of the Podcasting 2.0 Project
26:24 The Benefits of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for Value Transfer
29:00 The Benefits of Using the Lightning Network for Podcast Funding
34:32 The Future of Podcasting: 2.0
37:13 The Benefits of Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in Podcasting
40:11 The Benefits of the Podcast Index for Podcasters
40:43 The Benefits of Bitcoin Lightning Network for Podcasting
45:11 The Benefits of Value for Value in Podcasting
46:47 Podcasting for Beginners: How to Get Started
48:45 Podcasting Power Hour with Tanner and Melissa
50:12 Podcasting Power Hour with Danny Pena and Tanner Gers
54:33 How to Make Money with a Podcast
56:26 The difficulties of monetizing a podcast
57:51 The Benefits and Challenges of Making a Living as a Podcaster
1:01:32 Adam Curry and the No Agenda Podcast
1:04:14 The Benefits of Podcasting 2.0 for Aspiring Podcasters
1:05:48 The Benefits of Focusing on the Hosting Side of Podcasting
1:09:16 The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Anchor for Podcasting
1:12:35 The Benefits and Challenges of Podcasting
1:14:50 Podcast Movement Presentation and Value for Value with Dave Jackson
1:16:08 The Future of Podcasting: A Conversation with Dave Jones
1:20:33 Podcasting Power Hour with Jeff and Greg

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