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On the Panel Today
Dave Jackson – Host of The School of Podcasting and Ask the Podcast Coach https://schoolofpodcasting.com https://twitter.com/DaveJackson

Arielle Nissenblatt – Founder of Earbuds Podcast Collective https://www.earbudspodcastcollective.org and Community Manager at https://Squadcast.fm https://twitter.com/arithisandthat

Jim Malliard – Host of The Malliard Report https://www.malliard.com/

Tanner Campbell – Host of Goodmorning Podcasters – https://goodmorningpodcasters.com/

Pixie – Host of Project Podcast with Pixie and Next on Stage One

This episode is a good one. We get into deep discussion about Patreon and sponsors plus tons of Q&A.

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