22. Podcast Movement, Ambies & AI and The Infinite Dial Review

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We learned about Edison Research Infinite Dial 2023 Report from Podcasting Power Hour. Dave Jackson and James Cridland discussed Podcast Movement and its potential as a B2B conference, as well as the Pod News Report Card and data from Podbean. The data showed that Apple users listen to more episodes per month than Spotify users, but Spotify is introducing an auto podcast playback feature which could benefit podcasters. Michelle Jackson noted that it felt smaller and the Ambies were amazing.

“Be sure you don’t sign the rights to your own content away over to someone – make sure you own your brand.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What did podcasting experts learn at Podcast Movement?
2. How is Spotify’s new “Auto Podcast Playback” feature affecting the podcast industry?
3. What should podcasters be aware of when signing with a network like IHeartRadio?

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