19. Podcast Feed Drops – how to do it and if they work

When Jeff Townsend, Jim Malliard, and Greg from Indie Drop-In join forces to discuss the power of Feed Drops on Podcasting Power Hour, they find themselves embroiled in an ironic battle of words over the nuances of the practice.

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“We’ve come to an agreement over respecting each other, loving one each other, loving the community. This is the greatest podcasting power hour of all time. I can feel it.”

Jeff Townsend is an underground podcaster since 2006, known for his gift of gab, and Jim Mallard is a podcast veteran with the Mallard Report for 10 years strong. Greg from Indie Drop-In Network is the oldest podcaster in the world with a wealth of experience in the industry.

Jeff Townsend and Greg from Indie Drop-In host Podcasting Power Hour live every Monday on Twitter Spaces. They discuss podcasting topics and answer listener questions. This week, they invited Jim Mallard, Ed Havens, and Chuckles to discuss Feed Drops. Feed Drops are when you take an entire episode of your show and give it to another podcaster to play on their show. Jeff and Greg discussed the benefits of Feed Drops, as well as how to choose a show for a Feed Drop. Through their discussion, they learned that while downloads are great, it’s important to pick a show where the audience is likely to convert to listeners and subscribe.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What is a Feed Drop and how can you use it to benefit your podcast?
2. What is the best practice for choosing a show for a Feed Drop?
3. How can picking a niche help to grow your Podcast?

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Chapter Summaries:
P Podcasting Power Hour is is recorded live every Monday at 09:00 p. m Eastern time on Twitter spaces. Every week, an experienced panel of podcasters and other experts will tackle your podcasting questions.
Jeff Townsend: I’ve got the gift to Gab and the fifth to Jab. After that, they get weirder every week. Do you just talk too much? It sounds like a good thing.
Well, hello, everybody. Oldest guy in podcasting on the mic. It is an honor to be here. This is a long intro, though. Well, edit it’s, because you’re making it long.
Jim Mallard has the Mallard report for ten years strong. Ed Havens is here from the 80s movie. This is the greatest podcasting power hour of all time.
Chuckles is here in her first-ever Podcasting Power Hour. That’s who you hear hitting all the sound effects. As far as my self-control is concerned, I also muted myself for quite some time. I think you’re displaying a solid use of the controls there, so thank you.
This week was the very first week that all my TV movie fandom shows are live. The Indie Drop-in Network is 100% a feed drop network. The show shows are all about podcasters.
A feed drop is when you take an episode of your show and give it to another podcaster to play on their show. For most podcasters, you want very few feed drops in your feed. If there are too many feed drops, the audience starts to get pissed.
Jeff: Maybe we can talk about how to choose a show for a Feed Drop. I think Jeff, you feed dropped on True Crime, which has like a million-something downloads. But very few people go on the show notes and click the subscribe link.
The downloads are great, but I didn’t see the conversion on my end. It’s because the True Crime fans I’ve marketed to are very specifically true crime listeners. There just was no reason for them to convert to a listener of Indie podcasters. If done right, it really can work.
comedy is not really like a niche, it’s more of like something that you add to a niche. These shows are consistently funny, their tone is consistent. Those convert higher. When the show doesn’t have a personality, it doesn’t have a vibe. That’s when it seems to struggle.
A feed drop is when you use a previous show of a friend to fill in a slot. The best thing to do is do feed drop swaps because it’s good for everybody. If you’re taking a week off, record a different intro than a regular swap.
And it doesn’t work if you don’t tell people what their show is about. What I started doing is saying, hey, Jim, just feed Dropped a show. He doesn’t talk paranormal all the time, but he had this awesome ghost hunter on. It’s totally different.
Who you swap with is much more important than how large the show is. It’s like a massive filter for quality listeners. Having people on your show is content for your listeners, not really to grow it.
Jeff: Niche is so important, and I think it’s more important than ever in podcasting. Your show needs to be amazing before you get featured on. People should definitely submit to ads. The key is you have to do that stuff when you’re ready.
Gregory: How do you approach the other podcast that you’re wanting to feed Drop swap with? Greg: I would start with under 200 reviews on Apple podcasts. You could probably do it every single month successfully and without pissing off your fans.
This week’s podcasting power hour airs live every Monday at 09:00 p. m. Eastern. The show is produced by Jeff Pearlman. Everyone is free to participate on Twitter every Monday. Check out the website podcastingpowerhour.com for previous episodes.

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