18. Properly Prepping a Podcast Guest featuring Neil Hedley

In this week’s episode of Podcasting Power Hour, Jeff and Greg put Neil Hedley on the spot, testing his “grumpy old man of podcasting” title with questions about properly setting up a guest. Learn how to properly prepare a podcast guest so that your podcast is successful.

“The art of the list of questions is in knowing when to detach yourself from it and crumple it up and throw it away and go, this is not going to work anymore for this conversation.”

Neil Hedley is a grumpy old man of podcasting who has been interviewed on Podcasting Power Hour. He is known for his advice on properly setting up a guest for an interview.

Neil Hedley says…

I participate often on Podcasting Power Hour with Jeff Townsend and Greg from Indie Drop-in Network. This week we talked about a variety of topics, but one thing that we focused on was the importance of preparing for a guest interview. I explained that it’s crucial to know everything you can about your guest before the interview so that you can be prepared to pivot if the conversation starts to go off track. This way, you can keep the conversation interesting and accessible for all listeners.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to properly set up a guest interview
2. The importance of being flexible and open-minded when interviewing
3. The value of asking interesting, engaging questions

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