14. Why You Need a Compelling Podcast Trailer and other Podcast Hygiene

Are you dealing with any of this?
1. People aren’t clicking your links or subscribing to your show.
2. You will feel like you’re not a credible podcast host.
3. You will lose listeners because of your poor podcasting hygiene.
Then this episode is for you!

“Podcasting Power Hour is recorded live every Monday at 09:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Twitter spaces. Every week, an experienced panel of podcasters and other experts will tackle your podcasting questions.”

I’m Jeff Townsend, host of Podcasting Power Hour, and I’m joined by Greg from Indie Drop-In. We’re here to answer your podcasting questions. Tonight’s topic is opening your show. We’ve found that many podcasters don’t introduce themselves or their show, which can be confusing for new listeners. We suggest using a Cold open to give listeners a taste of what they can expect from your show. Thanks for joining us!

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What are some best practices for opening a podcast?
2. What makes a good trailer?
3. How often should a trailer be updated?

Podcasting Power Hour is recorded live on Twitter Spaces every Monday at 9 pm Eastern Time. To join, just follow the host, Jeff, aka The Podcast Father https://twitter.com/podcast_father, and Greg, founder of Indie Drop-In Network https://twitter.com/indiedropin on Twitter.

If you would like to support the show, you can buy us a coffee:
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Here’s a breakdown of what is covered:
[00:00:04] – Intro and welcome.

[00:00:48] – Welcome to the show.

[00:02:00] – Introducing dr tanner campbell.

[00:02:32] – Greg has an interesting topic.

[00:04:11] – How to open the show.

[00:09:20] – It’s called podcast hygiene.

[00:11:11] – The importance of a trailer.

[00:12:16] – The anatomy of a podcast trailer.

[00:15:00] – When you update your trailer.

[00:16:10] – Not all apps show a trailer.

[00:17:09] – What’s the selling point of the trailer.

[00:20:29] – The winning components of a cold open.

[00:23:16] – Why does jeff do a cold open.

[00:26:45] – Do you change your intros.

[00:33:58] – Best of the episode.

[00:36:49] – Creation and post of the intro.

[00:38:51] – The cold open thing.

[00:42:50] – A podcast without cold opens.

[00:43:52] – Hello from the uk.

[00:46:23] – How long does it take to give up a podcast.

[00:52:58] – Next time you pick out a podcast.

[00:54:16] – The easy way to find listeners.

[00:54:55] – The problem with podcast critics.

[00:57:30] – Is it unreasonable to want to be a podcaster?

[01:02:27] – Podcast reviews in the uk.

[01:04:39] – A rating system for podcasts.

[01:08:28] – Do podcast reviews matter.

[01:11:59] – Advice for wanna-be podcasters.

[01:14:44] – Closing thoughts.

[01:16:48] – I created this room.

[01:17:59] – Good morning podcasters.

[01:19:06] – Glassbox invite.

[01:20:08] – Tweets from the spaces.

[01:21:31] – Duck quacks and hellos.

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