Podcasting Power Hour

One Hour of Podcasting Q&A with Jeff Townsend, aka The Podcast Father, Greg founder of Indie Drop-In Network, and a rotating panel of experts. Talk through your podcasting question live with us on Twitter spaces.

Recorded Live on Twitter Spaces every Monday at 9pm Eastern Time

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16. New Advertising Options from Headliner and Goodpods New Web Player

In Podcasting Power Hour, Jeff Townsend and Greg from Indie Drop-in interview Jesse Gibbons from Headliner about the new disco advertising service. "Podcasting Power Hour is recorded live every Monday at 09:00 p.m. Eastern time on Twitter spaces....

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15. The Perfect Podcast Call to Action (CTA)

In Podcasting Power Hour, Jeff Townsend and Greg from Indie Drop In answer your questions about podcasting, including call to actions, Dave Jackson's Podcast Rodeo Show, and the new changes to YouTube. How did Tanner Campbell use Tik Tok to promote...

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14. Why You Need a Compelling Podcast Trailer and other Podcast Hygiene

Are you dealing with any of this? 1. People aren't clicking your links or subscribing to your show. 2. You will feel like you're not a credible podcast host. 3. You will lose listeners because of your poor podcasting hygiene. Then this episode...

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The Struggle to Be Heard: Why Podcasters Shouldn’t Ignore Video

Video can be an important part of your content strategy. The key is to understand who your content is for and if video will enable your content to reach more people.

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How has Podcasting Changed? with Aaron Habel of Generation Why

After a decade of podcasting, the original true crime podcaster Aaron Habel shares what it was like to get started in the industry and what has changed in the last ten years. In this episode, you will learn: 1. What was the space like...

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Navigating a Podcast Network with Dave Green of Podcast Heat

Join Jeff Townsend aka the Indie Podcast Father and Greg from Indie Drop-In Network as they speak with Dave Green about his journey from radio to podcasting and how he's leveraged his experience to build a successful network. In this episode, you...

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