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22. Podcast Movement, Ambies & AI and The Infinite Dial Review

Experience the power of podcasting with Podcasting Power Hour – the only podcasting show that brings you the latest news, insights, and updates from the world’s leading podcasters.

We learned about Edison Research Infinite Dial 2023 Report from…

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21. Is it time to quit your podcast? With Tanner Campbell and Edward Havens

When Tanner Campbell, Edward Havens and other experienced podcasters tackle the question of when to give up and quit, they must confront the difficult decision of whether their goals will be achieved and if their passion is a worthy pursuit.


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Marketing your podcast with Arielle Nissenblatt

Podcasting Power Hour is recorded live on Twitter Spaces every Monday at 9 pm Eastern Time.

To join, just follow the host, Jeff, aka The Podcast Father https://twitter.com/podcast_father, and Greg, founder of Indie Drop-In Network…

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19. Podcast Feed Drops – how to do it and if they work

When Jeff Townsend, Jim Malliard, and Greg from Indie Drop-In join forces to discuss the power of Feed Drops on Podcasting Power Hour, they find themselves embroiled in an ironic battle of words over the nuances of the practice.

Podcasting Power Hour…

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18. Properly Prepping a Podcast Guest featuring Neil Hedley

In this week’s episode of Podcasting Power Hour, Jeff and Greg put Neil Hedley on the spot, testing his “grumpy old man of podcasting” title with questions about properly setting up a guest. Learn how to properly prepare a podcast guest so that your…

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Podcast Press Releases – When and how to use them

Fuzz Martin, Chief Strategy Office at EPIC creative, experienced podcaster and panelist on Podcasting Power Hour, provides tips on pitching your show to journalists and other content creators to get your story picked up and avoid being irrelevant….

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16. New Advertising Options from Headliner and Goodpods New Web Player

In Podcasting Power Hour, Jeff Townsend and Greg from Indie Drop-in interview Jesse Gibbons from Headliner about the new disco advertising service.

“Podcasting Power Hour is recorded live every Monday at 09:00 p.m. Eastern time on Twitter spaces….

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15. The Perfect Podcast Call to Action (CTA)

In Podcasting Power Hour, Jeff Townsend and Greg from Indie Drop In answer your questions about podcasting, including call to actions, Dave Jackson’s Podcast Rodeo Show, and the new changes to YouTube. How did Tanner Campbell use Tik Tok to promote…

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14. Why You Need a Compelling Podcast Trailer and other Podcast Hygiene

Are you dealing with any of this?
1. People aren’t clicking your links or subscribing to your show.
2. You will feel like you’re not a credible podcast host.
3. You will lose listeners because of your poor podcasting hygiene.
Then this episode…

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The Struggle to Be Heard: Why Podcasters Shouldn’t Ignore Video

Video can be an important part of your content strategy. The key is to understand who your content is for and if video will enable your content to reach more people.

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